A Message from Our Director


roblowryI became the Rogue Valley Peace Choir Director in the Fall of 2012, and not a rehearsal passes that I don’t give thanks—for the choir, for being able to direct the choir, and for the mission we are trying to achieve. For peace, we get to sing beautiful songs, fun songs, meaningful songs. There is nothing like one hundred people or more joining in voice and in peace, all under one roof. It is rejuvenating, and it is powerful.

Born and bred in lower class LA, I spent my after school hours escaping the gangs by running as fast as I could to any church that might let me play their organ. I took up singing in junior high school, played recorder, directed and sang in a 12-member a cappella madrigal/theatre troupe, and have directed a number of singing groups and church choirs. I’ve served as tenor section leader and soloist for two years at Ashland’s Trinity Episcopal Church and have been a long-time member and frequent soloist with the Southern Oregon Repertory Singers.

Please consider attending our concerts in Southern Oregon, and if you love to sing and can carry a tune, joining our choir next September during the open enrollment period. This is a secular, non-audition choir for people of all ages, all genders, all “humans.” If you are unable to join our choir, consider attending one of our events, and may peace be in your heart.

—Rob Griswell-Lowry, Director@RogueValleyPeaceChoir.org