Membership Forms and Guidelines

Here is a membership form. It should download to your system automatically. You can bring one with you to rehearsal or mail it to our PO box: Rogue Valley Peace Choir, PO Box 825, Ashland Oregon 97520.

Membership Guidelines


The Rogue Valley Peace Choir is a secular* community choir dedicated to creating peace in our lives, community and world through song.

*Note: While we do not promote any particular religion or belief, we recognize that songs appropriate for our repertoire sometimes arise from religious or spiritual traditions. We sing songs from these traditions when the primary purpose of the song is to foster peace, social justice, or responsible stewardship of the earth.


New members are welcome in September to see whether they wish to become active members of the choir. Dues, starting with September, need to be paid by the third practice. Upon completion of registration, new members will receive:

  • A white notebook for music, which contains the choir guidelines, a list of choir Teams, and Leadership Team contact information. A packet of music will be provided.
  • A practice recording will be available at the first practice.
  • At the end of September, a roster of choir members will be emailed out. Please use the roster for choir business only.

For those who want to join the RVPC after the September non-audition period, you are welcome to visit without commitment for one rehearsal — joining a section of your choosing. At the next rehearsal you can schedule a meeting with the Director who will conduct a placement assessment.


Choir dues are used to pay for the Artistic Director and Accompanist, practice space rental fee, photocopying and copyright on music, making practice recordings, rental of halls for Spring Performances, and for other choir related expenses.

Dues are $225 and include a $25 fee that partially offsets the cost of our music. You can pay your dues in person in cash or by check by the end of September. You can also pay your dues by credit card on the RVPC website:, or mail a check for your dues to PO Box 825, Ashland, OR 97520.

We ask those who can, to pay the full season’s dues ($225) in September. This lightens the work of our treasurer and covers larger costs incurred at the beginning of the year. However, if this is not possible, dues may also be paid as follows:

  • Semi-annually: $115 due in September and $110 due in January
  • Monthly: $25/month for 9 months

Special Arrangements: Everyone is welcome in choir.  Those who are not able to pay the full dues must make prior arrangements with the treasurer(s).

The RVPC maintains a music library to reduce overall costs to the RVPC when we choose to sing music from an earlier season. We welcome your returned music as a contribution to our music library.


  • We practice on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Warm-ups start promptly at 6:30 after a period or meditative silent reflection. Please arrive on time!
  • Members are expectedto attend regularly and are strongly encouraged to attend all  Please notify your section leader if you cannot attend a practice. NOTE:  Even if you are a strong singer and feel that you know the music – remember that your attendance supports your whole section.
  • Leaving Choir: Occasionally members drop out of choir during the season for various reasons. Please notify your section leader if you no longer plan to participate in the choir. As noted above, The RVPC maintains a music library to reduce overall costs to the RVPC when we choose to sing music from an earlier season. We welcome your returned music (unmarked) as a contribution to our music library.
  • We welcome any feedback you wish to give regarding your choir experience.


 The Director will develop a memorization schedule to assist with the memorization of songs. It is preferable, but not mandatory, that Peace Choir members commit our repertoire to memory. Choir members who do not feel capable of having all the songs memorized are free to sing “on-book.” 

  • Learn the words and music during the week using the practice recordings and come to practice prepared to fine-tune the songs.
  • Attend as many performances as possible (up to 15 per year). The two spring concerts are fun and important to the choir—they’re really the crowning moments of our year’s work.
  • We arrive early at performances to arrange ourselves and warm up.
  • During performances all members should wear “whites and brights” which means white pants or skirts and brightly colored (solid-color rather than pattern) tops. You may wear our Peace Choir tee-shirt or sweatshirt to many of our casual performances.
  • The Music selection process begins in the winterwhen choir members are invited to submit songs to the Music Team to be considered for the following season’s repertoire.
  • Please maintain a music notebook and bring it to weekly practice.

Other Considerations

  • Please refrain from wearing fragrances (note: some members are highly allergic to scents in aftershave, perfume, shampoo, etc.)
  • Hold your binder high and keep your eyes on the director
  • Listen to other singers
  • Turn off cell phones, beepers and watches
  • Please refrain from speaking in between songs or when other sections are learning their part
  • Carpool if you can


It takes a huge amount of behind-the-scenes work to make the Peace Choir function effectively. We encourage all members to participate fully in the running of the choir, making it truly a community-led organization. The choir has teams and members are encouraged to participate. The teams are:

  • Music Team arranges selection, purchase, and distribution of music
  • Performance Team coordinates and arranges performances
  • Membership Team coordinates new member orientation and roster
  • Social Team plans parties and social gatherings
  • Acts of Kindness Team assists choir members who are ill or need help
  • PeaceMakers Team provides a safe place for members to resolve disagreements
  • Publicity Team writes and sends in PSAs and other announcements to media
  • Facilities Team ensures practice venue is setup and functions well
  • Fundraising Team seeks additional resources to support the choir through grants and other means

Joining a team is a great way to get connected with other members and give something back to the choir. This sense of connection is one of the greatest values many express in being a member.  And without the dedication of those who serve the choir, we would not be able to fulfill our mission of inspiring peace in the world.


  • The Peace Choir is a private, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization. A Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing all the fiscal as well as operational aspects of the choir.
  • We are a member-led organization, which means the members (working through the Board) establish guidelines and policies that further our Vision, Mission, and meet the terms of our By-Laws. We hire contractors, e.g., the Director and Accompanist, define roles and responsibilities of key players, and work to create a positive healthy culture in the choir.
  • An annual Members’ Celebration and Meeting is held at the end of each season. All choir members are encouraged to attend this meeting which includes acknowledgment of volunteers, election of Board members, and approval of the following season’s budget.
  • As questions or concerns arise, members are encouraged to go to their section leaders with anything about the choir. Members can also contact Board members and attend Board meetings.
  • Written ideas and comments can be put in the Suggestion Box in the lobby before or after practices.
  • Choir Board meetings are announced in advance and those meetings include time for Member Input. Members will be reminded frequently that they can come to the Board with their questions and comments.
  • The Director is available to individuals for discussion of issues. The Director is available to section leaders prior to practices. Please remember that practice time is precious, so members are encouraged to contact the Director with comments after the practice.
  • Please remember that email is used for choir business only, and a limited number of people are authorized to send all-choir emails, e.g., rehearsal minutes, performance details, etc. Social media, such as the Rogue Valley Peace Choir’s website, is also solely for choir-business and information.  Our Facebook page is used in the same way and may also include other inspirational choral info or videos.  It is meant to further our Vision and Mission, announce our concerts, and serve us in outreach with the public.
  • Expressing support (or opposition) to a political campaign or elected official can jeopardize our (charitable organization’s) 501(c)(3) status by violating the prohibition against electioneering. The use of email and any social media must be consistent with this policy. Please direct any questions about use of social media to a board member or the Publicity Team Leader.