Choir Leadership

Music Director: Rob Griswell-Lowry,
Accompanist: Mikiko Petrucelli


Dawn Sinnott, President
Lisa Afshar, Treasurer
Denise Deneaux, Secretary
Bill Hahey
Gregory Scott
Barbara Settles
Michael Silversher


Soprano 1: Christy Sinclair
Soprano 2: Cathy Barker
Alto: Mary Ann Jones
Tenor: Ginger Rilling
Bass: Robert Serrett

TEAM CHAIRS or contact people

Acts of Kindness: Barbara Settles
Facilities & Rehearsal Minutes: Elizabeth Aitken
Fundraising: All Board Members
Membership: Dawn Sinnott
Music (contact people): David Teegarden and Gregory Scott
Peacemakers: Ginger Rilling
Performance: Mary Anne Southam
Publicity: Su Rolle and Cynthia Taylor
Social: Nancy Rush-Yates
Website and Rummage Sale Accumulator: Gregory Scott

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Director Rob Griswell-Lowry